I'm a free spirited gal who loves traveling, authentic connection, and pondering the deeper meaning of things.

I'm always getting lost... sometimes just in thought, sometimes in a good book, or sometimes on a motorcycle in a foreign country. Getting lost and finding myself seem to be consistent themes throughout my life. At this point, they are my favorite pastimes.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me, so I finally decided to put my words out in the world in hopes they may inspire, encourage, or support someone on their journey.

I'm currently working on two passion projects: 🌴The Beachy Brunette to share travel tips & info, & Sacred Solace Society to share spiritual practices I’ve picked up along my journey.

Please feel free to connect with me or sign up to be part of the community. (coming soon)💜

I appreciate you!



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Free-spirited ✦ solo traveler ✦ writing about things I love: travel ✦spirituality ✦ and building a life of freedom✦